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Participate every week, win MMOGA Vouchers, collect MMOGA Finals Tickets
and with a bit of luck, win one of the main prizes! More information below!




The winners will be notified via e-mail no later than July 23, 2018.

These are the winners:

Gaming PC: Sven H., s***_h****
Teufel Cinebar One+: Tim Z., t**.z*******
AKRacing Chair: Lea K., l**.k*********
Capture Card: Sven Lars R., s.r*****
Capture Card: Patrick M., H********
Capture Card: Max L., m*********
Capture Card: Ian K., I**-******.k********
Capture Card: Marcus K., K****.d******


We're giving away MMOGA vouchers every week for every World Cup goal scored!

10 euro vouchers during group stage, 20 euro vouchers in the playoffs stage!

This means: The more goals scored, the more winners we draw!

In addition, all participants have the chance to win one of our brilliant MMOGA World Cup 2018 Final Prizes!



HIGHEND GAMING PC worth € 4,000

Highend Gaming PC

Information about the PC

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AORUS Waterforce Xtreme Edition water cooled
Intel Core i7 8700K
360er AiO CPU water cooling
Asus Xonar Essence STX II 7.1
Asus Z370-F-Gaming RGB Synch
be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900
750 Watt be quiet! straight power 11 CM
500GB Samsung 970 EVO
1000GB additional SSD from Crucial
Paypal engraving on the side window




How does participation work?

Simply enter your first and last name and your e-mail address in the entry form.

The winners of the vouchers are drawn and announced weekly.


Please note that your participation is only valid for one week.

You should re-enroll every Thursday to get the maximum chance of getting one of the vouchers!

The weeks run from Thursday 2:00 pm until next Thursday 1:59 pm.


With every participation you automatically increase the chance to win one of our brilliant final prizes!

(4x Participate = 4 tickets for the MMOGA World Cup 2018 Final)

The MMOGA World Cup 2018 Final Prizes

All participants of the MMOGA World Cup 2018 Giveaway automatically participate in the final.

With each week you participate in the coupon giveaway, you automatically collect a MMOGA World Cup 2018 Final ticket.

So you can collect a total of 4 final tickets, with which you take part in the raffle of the following prizes:

 HIGHEND GAMING PC worth € 4,000

Highend Gaming PC

The main prize in the MMOGA World Cup 2018 Giveaway comes with the following features::
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AORUS Waterforce Xtreme Edition water cooled, Intel Core i7 8700K, 360er AiO CPU water cooling,
Asus Xonar Essence STX II 7.1, 32GB DDR4 RGB RAM, Asus Z370-F-Gaming RGB Synch, be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900, 750 Watt be quiet! straight power 11 CM,
500GB Samsung 970 EVO, 1000GB addinional SSD from Crucial

Link to PAYPAL


5 x Terratec Grabster GC 100 Streaming Card

Grabster Card

Gameplay recording and live streaming from Playstation, Xbox or PC in Full HD.
The crucial move in the game should not be forgotten or you want to share the fastest lap live with followers?
No problem for the small TERRATEC Grabster GC 100.

Link to Ultraforce


AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

Very often it's the gamers and office workers who are very prone to back problems,
because they often occupy an unfavorable seating position for several hours due to lack of suitable chairs.
For this reason AKRACING has created a healthy and comfortable alternative with the Nitro Gaming Chair.

Link to Ultraforce 


Teufel Cinebar One+

The Cinebar One + by Teufel is an ultra-compact, versatile soundbar with Bluetooth and wirelessly controllable subwoofer for powerful, deep bass.
Thanks to the side-emitting sounder, the Dynamore Ultra technology creates virtual surround sound that is second to none in this class.
The perfect speaker set for the smallest rooms, great cineastes and bass lovers of the first hour.
Thus, the football World Cup takes place directly in the living room!

Link to Teufel



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The 10 Euro MMOGA Voucher Winners from week 1:


Sebastian K., Paul B., Luca T., Merten N., Sebastian E., Johannes S., Bastian ., Dominik R., Daniel W., Michael C., Moritz E., Joshua W., Jesper E.,
Philip K., Philipp S., Christian A., Tina L., Kevin B., Christoph B., Christian H., Jirasak P., Robin F., Moritz G., Stefan M., Marie Louise H., Andreas J.,
Thomas D., K.-D. G., Jannes W., Thomas Z., Nicholas H., Stefan G., Torsten S., Jan H., Dennis H., Petar D., Thomas B., Yannik S., Marcel M., Morris M.,
Susanna M., Viet D., Gay C., Daniel S., Doreen M.


The 10 Euro MMOGA Voucher Winners from week 2:

Björn K., Jasmin W., Sven K., Robert F., Andreas D H., Manfred R., Nils H., Bekim D., Martin H., Martin E., Malte K., Albert F., Johannes K., Katharina K., Claudius H., Alois P., Michael S.,
Alec P., Patrick W., Natalie H., Stefan R., Bao Nhi Nguyen T., Thomas J., Jan T., Andrè O., Pascal B., Bianca K., Tobias B., Richard Z., Patrick V., Marco P., Yannick S., Sebastian W.,
Marc L., Luca V., Felix K., Torben W., Florian H., Benjamin F., Bouakel F., Kolya M., Sia I., Sascha C., Dimitri K., Anja L., Karl-Heinz P., Dennis S., Jordan E., Anke L., Arian L., Rudolf S.,
Tino D., Dustin D., Lukas K., Domenic G., Piet K., Florian S.., Rahul K., Marc H., Martin R., Sabine H., Reimer T., Ralph K., Robert H., Michael T.


The 20 Euro MMOGA Voucher Winners from week 3:


Simon P., Johanna M., Vanessa M., Eric W., Norbert G., Marius B., Leander F., Deniz C., David Y., Markus K., Uwe S., Marcel R., Dimitrij R., Caroline F., Marcel Z., Alexander P., Holger B.,
Jan-Lars T., Werner K., Ingrid W., Manfred K., Mario S., Heiko I.,
Florian R., Nuno Machado M. Nadine H., Rene B., Amir M., Johann H., Annika H., Carolin S., Daniel S., Mauricio S., Elvis R.,
LE BAIL C., Paul R., Michael R., Lukas G., Bastian K., Ricarda L., Christian B., Annabell M., Daniel



The 20 Euro MMOGA Voucher Winners from week 4:

Alex B., Andreas K., Lucas G., Florian L., Ralf R., Kevin P., Carlos V., Maximilian J., David U., Mike P., Kevin B., Sonia H., Rafael H., Jens R., Felix L., Thorsten K., Odile L.,
Manuel J., Mirela P., Maike H., Robin L., Thomas S., Marianne F., Sebastian G., Giansily H., Ruth J.-H.



The MMOGA World Cup 2018 Giveaway will take place from June 14, 2018, 2pm CEST until July 15, 2018, 11:59 pm CEST.

In the group stage a MMOGA voucher worth 10 € will be thrown into the prize pool for each goal that has been scored.

In the playoffs stage a MMOGA voucher worth 120 € will be thrown into the prize pool for each goal that has been scored.

The World Cup weeks in the MMOGA Giveaway in the overview:

Week 1: June 14, 2018 - June 21, 2018
Week 2: June 21, 2018 - June 28, 2018
Week 3: June 28, 2018 - July 05, 2018
Week 4: July 05, 2018 - July 15, 2018

Participation in the giveaway takes place exclusively by entering the correct first and last name and the e-mail address in the entry form. The participant is responsible for the accuracy of the given e-mail address.

Each person can only participate once a week and only win one prize. However, it may be re-participated in the giveaway every week.

The winners are determined by random drawing. The announcement of the winners is without engagement.

The legal process is excluded. Prizes are non-returnable. Prizes are non-transferable. The cash payment  is excluded.

The winners of the MMOGA vouchers will be drawn weekly and contacted via the e-mail address given on the entry form. They will also be listed anonymously on the Giveaway page.

The winners of the prizes (Gaming PC, Streaming Cards and Gaming Chair) will be announced after the end of the Giveaway and contacted via the e-mail address indicated on the entry form.

The winners of the prizes will be drawn and informed no later than July 23, 2018.

The winner is no longer entitled to the prize, i. the prize is forfeited, if the winner is not reached within 2 weeks via the e-mail address provided by him, or if he does not respond within 2 weeks after sending the winning notification or if the prize notification is undeliverable.

Note on Privacy Policy:
On / we offer you to participate in giveaways/contests/raffles organized by us. The prizes are always sent to you by us. If this is not possible in individual cases due to the nature of a prize, for example, because a direct contact with our cooperation partners must be made, or the package should not be endangered by additional transport routes, we will in exceptional cases pass on your data to our respective cooperation partner. The cooperation partner is indicated in the respective giveaway/contest/raffle. We use the data provided in the context of the participation of the raffle exclusively for the execution of the raffle. The legal basis for processing the data in the context of the competition is Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR. Your data will be deleted no later than 3 months after the drawing, unless the competition is longer. The legal basis for the transmission of data to the respective cooperation partner is Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR

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