How does the MMOGA Affiliate program work?

  • How does this work?

    In a few minutes to success

    Time is precious! Therefore, we have designed our affiliate program as easy as possible. You can adapt your personal affiliate link to every MMOGA page and every product on MMOGA within seconds and our tutorials will help you to find quickly the optimal placement strategy.

    What is the MMOGA Affiliate Program?

    The MMOGA Affiliate Program is an additional source of income for those who manage a website or a social media channel, whether YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Hitbox, etc.


    After the registration, your will receive a personal affiliate link with which you will receive commissions for every purchase that is made via your link.


    Our commission model:
    10% for digital goods (gamekeys, gamecards and software)
    15% for virtual goods (gold, coins and items)

    What is an affiliate link?

    As soon as your affiliate account is activated, you will receive your unique affiliate link (shown here on the example of our FarmerBoy).


    This link is similar to a seed. Like any good farmer, you have to sow and cultivate your seed to achieve the maximum yield.


    The more you take care of your affiliate link and promote it, the greater the sown plant can grow and thrive to bear as many fruits as possible.

    The MMOGA Affiliate Program is simply better

    With more than 8 years of experience and over one million of satisfied customers, MMOGA is the european market leading platform for virtual and digital goods.


    We do not only offer you an experienced team that provides you advice and practical help, but also the highest commissions and the lowest cancellation rate of the sector.


    Don't do things by halves, become a partner of the market leader!

  • And in detail?

    Affiliate link, cookies and profits

    We have just briefly talked about your personal and unique affiliate link, let us get a little deeper.


    The affiliate link is a REF link that carries your chosen name at the end. In the example of our FarmerBoy, in your case accordingly


    As soon as one of your visitors clicks on your personal link, a cookie with a duration of 30 days will be set, over which every purchase that your visitor will make can be tracked and assigned to you.  Once a month, we level off the complete data stock of the sales. The commission of all confirmed sales will be paid around the 20th of the following month.


    The advantage:

    Due to the cookie with a duration of 30 days, your chances to earn money will increase considerably. It does not matter if your visitor purchases immediately or takes a few days' time. Because not only the purchase immediately after clicking on your link, but but also all other transactions made within 30 days are tracked.


    And the commission?

    All sales that are made via your affiliate link will be tracked.


    You receive a commission of 10 % on all digital goods such as game keys, game cards and software, and 15 % of commission on virtual goods, e.g. ingame currencies such as gold or coins and items!


    Need an example?


    One of your visitors clicks on your link and buys Game A for 10.00 euros. Since this is a digital good, you get 10% commission, in this case 1.00 €. 25 days later your visitors buys coins for 15.00 euros. Since this is a virtual good and the cookie has a duration of 30 days, you will receive a 15% commission, which means 2.25 euros. With just one visitor, you have already earned 3.25 € in one month.

  • The implementation

    The right place for planting and harvesting

    The placement of affiliate link is a simple calculation: The more visitors see and click on your link, the more commissions you can earn.


    a) For website operators, we offer a wide range of graphic means of advertising that you can use in order to draw your visitors' attention to MMOGA's offer.


    b) For social media channels, we also offer some means of advertising, but here, the clearly visible positioning of the text link is often the key to a successful harvest. Of course, in the internal partner area, you will find detailed tutorials about the ideal placement of the link.

    I let’s play / stream only one game, does the link make sense for me?

    Of course, the link makes sense for you! Here is an example:


    Our FarmerBoy is primarily interested in farming simulations. His visitors and spectators, though, are also interested in other games, especially the current AAA titels. Therefore, it is worth for you using the partner link, even if the game you play is not offered in the MMOGA shop.

  • Tips from FarmerBoy

    Monitor your sales and clicks

    The Affiliate Program provides you with a detailed documentation of your sales and your clicks. Monitor the numbers to find out at which placement of your link was particularly successful.

    Place your affiliate link

    Each well-placed link and each well-placed advertising will increase your clicks and ultimately your revenue.

    Regularity and currentness

    Make sure that you use your affiliate link on a regular basis and be sure to repeatedly refer to current products and new releases.

    Spread your MMOGA Affiliate Link on your website and your social media channels.

    Tell your visitors that a click on the link and a purchase at MMOGA helps you and your project.

    Monitor your success, seek assistance from our tutorials and our competent affiliate team.

    Do not use your affiliate link as spam.

    Do not restrict other affiliates. There is enough room for everyone, please do not use your affiliate link under the contributions of other MMOGA Affiliates.

  • You are ready!

    You are ready now!

    Now, you have received every important information about the MMOGA Affiliate Program, the affiliate link, and the opportunities to earn money and can finally get started!


    Detailed information about the different topics and the requirements for the partnership can be found in our Affiliate FAQ.


    Affiliate FAQ





    If you do not find an answer to your question there either, please don't hesitate to contatct the MMOGA affiliate team.