The Sims 4 - Lovestruck (Expansion Pack) - Xbox One / Series X|S [EU]

The Sims 4 - Lovestruck (Expansion Pack) - Xbox One / Series X|S [EU]

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Explore romance as you match with alluring Sims and plan exciting dates in the Lovestruck DLC!

This is an EU key that can only be used / activated within Europe.

The original game (not included in this offer) is required to use, respectively, play the contents of the DLC.

Note: Games that include a multiplayer mode require an active Xbox Live Gold membership in order to play online.

Delivery time: Jul 25th, 2024
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Region: EU
Platform: Xbox LIVE
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$ 41,69

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The Sims 4 - Lovestruck (Expansion Pack) - Xbox One / Series X|S [EU]

$ 41,69

  • Product description

    Create your Sim's profile for the Cupid's Corner dating app, and start meeting matches! New intimate interactions, like cuddling in bed or meeting for a seductive dance, are waiting. Whether your dynamic ends up steamy or strained will depend on what your Sim finds attractive. Pay special attention to those Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs!

    Plan Hotter Dates! Check the Cupid's Corner app for matches that make your Sim's heart flutter. Then, set up a date with the new date planning system! You'll choose where to go and what to do, crafting romantic rendezvous that'll leave Sims swooning. Sims can connect by playing games, cuddling in bed, or taking the Romantic Blanket to a beautiful spot for a special moment.

    All About Attraction! What works for your Sim? Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs will determine how attracted Sims are to each other. They can include interests, interactions, and more! Discover these as your Sims get to know their partners, build relationships, and maintain Romantic Satisfaction. Since Sims will like and dislike different interactions, partners might have different satisfaction levels. How Sims interact with each other will also affect whether their Relationship Dynamic is wholesome, steamy, strained, or unpredictable.

    For Lovers of Love! Romance isn't just a word, it's a skill that unlocks seductive interactions. For Sims with romantic aspirations, romance is a way of life. Truly hopeless romantics can even become Romance Consultants and make a career out of loving love! As they rise in their career they'll earn new ways to promote love and maybe find some cute heart-shaped furniture in their inventories.

    Date nights in an unforgettable city! Fall in love with a gorgeous city made for romance! Ciudad Enamorada has three neighborhoods that exude charm with plenty of places for Sims to meet, flirt, and even WooHoo. There's even a new Singles Hangout lot trait that'll attract available Sims to come and mingle.