Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5

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Years have passed since the events of Devil May Cry 4. The young demon hunter Nero is now heading his own branch of Devil May Cry.

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Delivery time: Mar 8th, 2019
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Region: EU
Platform: Steam
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$ 42,48

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Devil May Cry 5

$ 42,48

  • Product description

    Preorder Bonus included!

    • Alternate Hero Colors (Nero, Dante)
    • Alternate Heroine Colors (Nico, Lady, Trish)
    • Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper

    Years have passed since the events of Devil May Cry 4, and a lot has happened. Young demon hunter Nero has lost his Devil Bringer demon arm... but hey! He's now heading his own branch of the demon-hunting business Devil May Cry.

    To make up for that lost arm, and keep his style rankings up, he's enlisted the help of expert craftswoman Nico, a brand new character in the series, to lend a hand and build different types of prosthetic arms that unlock new badass combat abilities and devastating powers.

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