The Elder Scrolls Online - Greymoor [Upgrade]

The Elder Scrolls Online - Greymoor [Upgrade]

Buy The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor now!

You will receive the key for the DLC by Bethesda Softworksvia eMail within the stated delivery time.

Venture through an iconic land, almost 1000 years before the events of the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Activate the key here on the official website of the manufacturer and download the DLC.


In the upgrade version, only the new expansion Greymoor is contained, NOT the original game and the other expansions.

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Region: Worldwide
Platform: Official website

$ 41,61

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The Elder Scrolls Online - Greymoor [Upgrade]

$ 41,61

  • Product description

    Welcome back to Skyrim! Traverse the frozen tundra and snowy mountains of the Nord homeland and delve into the perilous depths of long-forgotten Blackreach.

    Terrible monsters, led by a Vampire Lord, rise from the depths of Blackreach, intent on devouring souls to fuel their fiendish plans. As darkness consumes the land, Skyrim needs heroes to restore the light.

    Travel across Tamriel to recover lost artifacts with the new Antiquities System. Scry the location of ancient relics and excavate them to uncover Tamriel's hidden history and become a world-renown Archaeologist!

    Defend the island bastion of Kyne's Aegis in a massive 12-player trial and protect the besieged villagers from invading Sea Giants. Battle hordes of monstrous raiders and three challenging bosses in this new PvE group challenge.

    Supernatural Harrowstorms plague Western Skyrim, draining the life energy of anyone caught within and transforming them into ravenous monsters or mindless zombies. Band together and shut down these world events before the very soul of Skyrim is lost.

    Earn, unlock, and loot a massive selection of new and unique rewards found within the snow-swept region of Western Skyrim, including six armor sets, tons of collectables, Achievements, items, and more!